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AETAguyod is an outreach program of UP SIBOL that started last 2013. It has a holistic approach of empowering the Aeta children of St. Francis Learning Center in Subic, Zambales.

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EYM Conference

Empowered Youth for the Marginalized (EYM) enables the youth to craft programs and activities targeted to effect positive change to the lives of other sectors.

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A showcase of homegrown talents (bands), and free services (shirt printing, henna tattoo) for the UPLB constituents. Highlights products made by Aeta kids of Zambales.

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Final Take

Tutorial sessions intended for students in UP Los Baños. Covers topics in Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, and other hard sciences.

Film Showing

We were able to bring quality films to UPLB, in partnership with the award-winning directors and producers in the country.

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Members’ Empowerment Workshop (MEW) is our people development program – focused on the skills training for the resident members and alumni of UP SIBOL.

Kids’ Treat

A special activity directed to street children and/or orphans during the Christmas season where the members of the organization mingle with the kids through fun games and gift-giving programs.


Recognizing the best members of UP SIBOL.

PagSIBOL: A Healthy Community Project

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