21 August 2009


PagSIBOL was conceptualized with an end goal of initiating sustainable development in a specific community. The organization believes that this can be achieved by bringing together various stakeholders and letting the people see how their resources can be maximized to improve their community.

PagSIBOL gave UP SIBOL the TAYO Award (top 20 finalist, nationwide) in 2008.


Objective of the Project
PagSIBOL aimed to initiate a sustainable development in a specific community by conducting activities promoting the wellness of the residents.

A the end of the one-year project, the beneficiaries were able to sustain what the project started and practice what they have learned from the various activities conducted.


Significance of the Project
The PagSIBOL project opened opportunities for the chosen barangay, in this case, Barangay Tadlac of Los Baños, geared towards sustained development. After the project implementation, many student organizations and even UPLB’s College of Development Communication (CDC) saw the needs of the barangay and they, too designed activities to address these needs.

UP SIBOL catalyzed the pouring of help for the barangay by increasing the awareness of different sectors about the needs of Tadlac. In turn, the project served as a venue for UP SIBOL members to extend themselves to the needy and hone their leadership potentials. It also increased the members’ familiarity with the community through prolonged exposure – since all activities were lodged in the community.


Identification of Project Site
UP SIBOL went to the Municipal Planning and Development Office (MPDO) of Los Baños, Laguna to gather information on potentially developing barangays that may serve as project site for PagSIBOL. Upon analyzing the gathered data, two barangays emerged as potential sites: barangays Bayog and Tadlac.

The organization then visited both barangays to determine their actual condition. After the site visits, and consultations with the MPDO and UP SIBOL advisers, Brgy. Tadlac was chosen.


Barangay Profile
Brgy. Tadlac is one of the 14 barangays of the Municipality of Los Baños. It is 1 kilometer away from the national highway of Brgy. Bagong Kalsada and around 5 kilometers away from the town of Los Baños. Approximately it is 154.74 hectares, 24.74 ha of which is comprised of the Tadlac Nature Park.


Process Implementation
The project has five phases — from research and analysis to implementation and monitoring and evaluation. 


Phase 1: Preparatory Research

The research aimed to describe the desired community in terms of population, source of income, and socio-economic characteristics of the residents. It also identified support groups that can be tapped by the organization. Two activities were conducted under this phase:

  • Courtesy Call: June 17, 2007
  • Needs Assessment: June 22, 2007


Phase 2: Raising Awareness

Upon consolidating the research, UP SIBOL made a preliminary analysis of the local situation. The organization established contact with the key individuals and convinced potential supporters, and prepared plan for the full implementation of the project.

  • Project Introduction: August 11, 2007


Phase 3: Organizing Activities

UP SIBOL catered the activities based from the needs of the communities. The organization coordinated with different agencies; key players in the project included:

  1. UP SIBOL – conceptualized the PagSIBOL project, organized the different activities and coordinated with various stakeholders in implementing the project.
  2. Barangay Officials – served as the link between the organization and the local residents of Brgy. Tadlac. They provided the necessary information about the community and suggested possible activity that may be conducted.
  3. Residents of Brgy. Tadlac – are the main beneficiaries of PagSIBOL who are actively involved in the project implementation
  4. Funding Agency – provided funds and other resources
    • MTI Advanced Test Development Corporation
  5. Partner Organizations or Institutions – provided resources and technical knowledge (as needed) in the different activities implemented
    • UP Painters Club (Art workshop)
    • UP Cell Biological Society (Grand Medical Mission)
    • HealthServ (Grand Medical Mission)
    • Los Baños Health Center, Los Baños, Laguna (Anti-Dengue Campaign Search and Destroy Drive)
    • MTI Advanced Test Development Corporation (Tree Planting Activity)
    • Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI) (Livelihood Training Seminar)


Phase 4: Implementing Activities

A total of six activities were implemented under the PagSIBOL project from June 2007 to March 2008. The PagSIBOL timetable is presented below:

Date Activities
April 2007 Project conceptualization
May 2007 Consultation with MPDO and identification of project site
June 19,2007 Courtesy call to the barangay Officials
June 22,2007 Needs assessment of the barangay
July 27, 2007 Final line up of activities,

Project introduction to the barangay residents

August 2007 to March 2008 Project implementation
August 24 Art Workshop
August 26 Grand Medical Mission
October 6 Anti-Dengue Campaign Search and Destroy Drive
December 14 Kids’ Treat
January 25 Tree Planting
March 7 Livelihood Training Seminar: Handmade Paper making out of Water Hyacinth
March to April


March 28 and April 3 2008

April 4, 2008

Impact Assessment


Survey and key informant interview

Focus Group Discussion

April 2008 Compilation of documents
May 2008 Record keeping


Phase 5: Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and evaluating the activities’ results are important for project management. The outcomes of the monitoring should help in identifying recommendations for improvement of the project should it be implemented in another community.

Survey and key informant interviews were employed to determine residents’ evaluation of the project. On the other hand, the barangay officials participated in a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) facilitated by a UP SIBOL alumni. The FGD aimed to identify the problems, if any, encountered during project implementation.


The PagSIBOL project was a first of its kind for UP SIBOL – it was the first time that the organization ventured into a project focused only on one barangay. With combined efforts of the 31 UP SIBOL members as well as the help of the organization’s alumni, advisers, and other key players, the PagSIBOL project became feasible.

Through the help of the Municipal Planning and Development Office (MPDO) of Los Baños, Barangay Tadlac was chosen as the project site. It is 1 kilometer away from the national highway of Brgy. Bagong Kalsada in Calamba City, and around 5 kilometers away from the town of Los Baños.

Courtesy call and needs assessment were conducted before the PagSIBOL activities were designed and implemented. A total of six activities materialized. These were as follows: art workshop, grand medical mission, anti-dengue search and destroy drive, kids’ treat, tree planting, and livelihood training seminar.

Some of the partner institutions included the UP Painters Club (Art Workshop), UP Cell Biological Society and HealthServ (Grand Medical Mission), Los Baños Health Center (Anti-Dengue Campaign Search and Destroy Drive), MTI Advanced Test Development Corporation (Tree Planting Activity), and the Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI) (Livelihood Training Seminar). Partner institutions/organizations provided resources and technical knowledge (as needed) in the different activities.

Since the activity also follows an academic year, the months of April and May were allotted for project monitoring and evaluation. Survey, key informant interviews, and focus group discussion were the research instruments used.

Generally, the project was perceived successful primarily because the expectations of most residents were met. There was also an increased awareness on the residents in terms of the resources available in their community, specifically through the livelihood training seminar.