UP SIBOL turns 4

The tree is growing, growing, and growing still.

        On August 19-27, 2005, the UP SIBOL celebrated its fourth anniversary. With the theme: “UP SIBOL fourplay…this is just the beginning,” the anniversary week was filled with activities done inside and outside the campus.

        A week-long exhibit was put up at the lobby of the Physical Sciences Building from August 22 to 26. It highlighted how the organization has grown through the years.

        The UP SIBOL website was also featured in the exhibit. The organization was able to get a sponsorship for the website for two years from FIL-CODE, a web hosting company.

        The “M&M’s Hula Mo M&M’s Mo” fundraising activity was also held. It is game where one makes a guess on how many M&M’s chocolates are inside a bowl. The one with the correct guess or at least the nearest, wins.

Going out

        Living up to its identity of being a socio-civic organization, UP SIBOL conducted two activities outside the campus. These are the poster-making contest and medical mission.

        The poster making was participated in by elementary pupils from the towns of Bay, Calamba and Los Baños.

        Meanwhile the medical mission was conducted in San Juan, Calamba City. It was participated by close to 200 patients. The activity was a tie up with the UPLB Cell Biological Society.

Restricted: For members only

        How else could the organization celebrate than by gathering all its members together?

        During the members’ night at Pansol last Aug. 19-20, UP SIBOL members showed what camaraderie is all about. They danced, ate good food, and drunk.

        The activity highlighted the awarding of the members of the month for June, July, and August and the top three academic achievers. They ended the night with a dip in the pool.

For the next years

        Bernard Ebuña, UP SIBOL president said that “the org will continue to grow for as long as the members will remain faithful to our mission and vision.”

        At present, the organization has 44 resident members and is expected to have more members with the next wave of recruitments. UP SIBOL holds at least two waves of recruitments every year, one per semester. As the need arises, it also holds a recruitment during summer.

        From April to December 2005, UP SIBOL was able to have 15 new members. This has always been the trend since the organization started.  In addition, the organization does not only capitalize on numbers but, more so, on ‘quality’.

        Truly, the seed has grown and will continue to do so. As Ebuña puts it, “for so long as there are marginalized people, there will be UP SIBOL.”